Monday, 6 November 2006

Welcome to my BLOG - Monday, 30 Oct 2006
OK... well most of the people I know don't really understand what a 'blog' is. "So why write one?" I hear you ask. Well, it is usually this time of the year that I start to think about making my Christmas Cards to send out to family & friends. And it is usually this time of year that I think, it would be nice to write a Christmas Letter to put in the Christmas Cards (like so many of my organised friends and family do) telling of the events and escapades that the family have completed in the previous 12 months.
- And then as the title of my blog suggests, there is never enough time and before I know it, it is December 2oth and not one card has been completed or posted. Then usually I end up only handmaking "the important people" Christmas Cards and then "the rest of them" on the list get a mass produced, store bought card, that I end up putting them in my trusty HP printer, design a Publisher template that I can mail merge my Christmas Card Excel spreadsheet with, careful to select a handwritten typeface, and hit ctrl-P. Ditto the envelopes back and front. Run to the post office to get them in the mail before Christmas is all over and done with.
- Very slack, I know. And how dare I catergorise my family and friends into "the important people" and "the rest of them". But this is REALITY and if it offends then, tell me and I will remove you from my Christmas Card list altogether. This could help me with the time thing. Anyway, back to the reason for this blog... I am going to assume that many of my family and friends are living in the 21st century and actually have access to the internet and I am going to handmake ALL my cards this year (I hope, hehehehe!!!) and put a note in each one directing them to this site to read my blog and see what my family has been up to. Doing this I figure I will cut my production costs, and do my small bit to help the environment by not printing out 120 x 4 page letters for my family and friends to feel guilty over when they throw it in the trash without even reading it. This way they can (you can) choose to log in or not to log in.
- I can't and won't promise excitment, controversy or even interesting entries in my blog. I can't and won't promise a daily or even weekly entry (mainly because of the never enough time thing). What I can promise is that I will write about my life, the way it interacts with my family and friends, and the things that happen along the way. And not just for your reading pleasure (that is if anyone is actually reading it) but also as a record of life for my boys and the future generations of my family.

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