Monday, 6 November 2006

Washing Machine, Swimming & Toilet Training - Tuesday, 31 Oct 2006
- It started out very early (7.30am) with a phone call the Fisher & Paykel serviceman coming to fix our washing machine. He said he was 15 minutes away, but he didn't show for an hour. Just for him to ring the doorbell cost $110.00. What a rip off!!! I admit, he did fix the problem with the washer though. I am so glad he got it working without too much expense, as the washer is only 7 years old and I really didn't want to have to buy a new one.
Then we had swimming lessons for both boys. Kody is only eight months old, so I still have to get in the water with him. Riley is over three now and I get to sit on the pool deck and watch him swim. He is getting more and more confidence each time, as he is now swimming the full length of the 12 metre pool, unassisted. He is no Ian Thorpe, but if he had to he could save himself. I just hope that a situation NEVER arises that he would have too.
We are toilet training Riley at the moment. #1 are fine, it is #2 that we are having trouble with. Today is no exception. We had another #2 "incident today. It is becoming more and more regular. So at the moment Master R is in the bad books and is not allowed to have any of the good things (The Wiggles anything, biscuits, juice, etc). He has to sit where I can see him, watch whatever I'm watching on TV, eat the food I give him and only drink water. We are hoping that he will soon learn that if he does #2 in the toilet he will get "rewarded" and hopefully grow out of this little problem.
Kody is trying so so hard to crawl at the moment. He is rolling everywhere and getting into everything, but is not quite crawling yet. He does get up on all fours and bounces a little and then almost does a dive, landing face first on the ground.
Darren is, as usual, a great help. He came to swimming lessons this morning and helped out with the boys. He is such a hands-on Dad, and loves sharing in the everyday things as well as all the big events.
Oh, I almost forgot... Riley did the cutest thing last night. When I went to check on him before going to bed myself, there he was, deep asleep, with a pair of his underpants on his head. I just had to grab the camera. I am anxious to scrap the photo and will definately upload it here when done, but as usual, right now there is never enough time.


lusi said...

OMGosh! I love it when kids do random things like this and good on you for taking a photo of it - a true scrapper!!!! LOL!

Lus x

Cay-sehh__xxx said...

Lol. Riley is funny !!
He dOes the weirdest things sometimes. Especially at my place.
Anyway. Bye Byesss xxx

Casey__ <3*