Monday, 6 November 2006

Time for me

For the first time in a long time yesterday was all about me, and yes... I will be scrapping it. I indulged and spent $200 to do two workshops at the Paper Crafts Festival held out at Penrith Panthers Leagues Club in western Sydney.
The morning class was with Carrie Utley from Chatterbox Inc. What a lovely lady. She certainly knows the way to a scrappers heart... FREE STUFF. She gave everyone in the class something FREE from the Chatterbox product range. I was lucky enough to win one of the new Doodle Genies that haven't even been released here in Australia yet. The title of this workshop was "Journey of 1000 Mini Books". Well, we didn't make 1000 but the three we did make are great and they give your creative juices a kick start. I am now going to be making mini books for all the family ans friends to go with there Chrsitmas presents. Carrie was generous with her time, her products and her heart. I really loved this class. She even gave all of us her direct email address to contact her directly... not many people in her position would do that in this day and age. -
- The afternoon was the class I was really hanging out to do. Elsie Flannigan is a scrapbooker that I have admired for ages and when I heard that she was coming out to Australia for some workshops I was so excited. I spent days making arrangements with family and friends for the kids to be babysat. And it was definately worth it. The workshop was called "A Year in Photos" and involved hand stitching a felt bag/pouch for the album to live in. It was really relaxing to just sit and stitch and chat with a group of women who love scrapping as much as me. Elsie is a sweet and "American" as I expected her to me. About a month ago a downloaded a radio interview of Elsie from the Diva Craft Lounge, with the intent on wanting to know a little bit more about her before I did her class. - One of the ladies I sat with in the Elsie class was Lusi Austin. She is a teacher at Scrapbooks Paper and Things in the Blue Mountains. She is amazing. Her spirit and her talent are so infectious. I have added her blog to my favourites. - I must give a huge THANKYOU to Sharon & Geoff for looking after Riley & Kody for the day allowing me to attend these classes. I really, really appreciate it. I have all the best intentions to make a "Thankyou Album" for them. I must say though that I think I need to give you guys lessons in changing a nappy. When I got home and had the change Kody's nappy, I discovered that the previous one had been put on backwards... pictured side to the back... it must have been awkward to put the velcro straps on. LOL!! - After such a "full-on" Satrurday it was great just to have a relaxing Sunday. I did have a staff meeting for Scrapbook Dreams teachers at 4pm, but it was really quick (compared to all the others). And if Belinda has time and does her research maybe we will have uniforms (aprons) before the new year. - As usual there is never enough time, I haven't really said eveything I wanted to, but it is late and I want to sleep. Goodnight!!!!

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lusi said...

WOW Brenda - You've made my whole year with those kind remarks! It was really sooooo wonderful to have met you too and I hope we get to do it again one day soon :)
Thanks for popping by my blog too :)
Love and blessings to you and yours!
Lus x