Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Boys will be boys

Never a more correct statement has been said. All three of my boys are getting on my nerves today. Tuesday nights I normally get together with Sharon & Elvi and do some card making and instead of asking DiDi to babysit the boys tonight and tomorrow night (I didn't want to wear out my welcome), I thought I'll take them with me. I should have known better. Riley just wouldn't sit still and Kody was crawling everywhere. And because Sharon's house is so so perfectly clean and neat and tidy, I was terrified of my kids messing it up, so by the time I unpacked everything and got set up , I just couldn't handle the boys and work at the same time, so I just packed everything up and headed home. No cards made. - Yesterday my friend Kate and her husband Brad welcomed their first child into the world... a gorgeous little boy they called William. Congratulations guys!!! You will both make great parents, and because you had a boy I will be sending all of Riley & Kody's outgrown clothes over to you. - Working hard on the day care Christmas Party at the moment... we need a Santa! Presents for 100 kids! Food for 200 adults! It's all too hard and there is never enough time.
Teaching my lovely aqua and beige heat embossed Christmas Cards at Scrapbook Dreams tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it as they are a really nice card and those that have already done the class are pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Then tomorrow night I am teaching the Journaling class as Week 1 of the Scrap Start Intermediate Course. And then I will also have the newsletter to put together. I've got a very busy week coming up.
- -
Kody must be going through a bit of a growth spurt at the moment. All he wants to do is eat!!! So I'm doing off to feed him. I'll have more pics to upload soon.

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lusi said...

Happy teaching Brenda!!! Yay for you ;)
Welcome to little William as well!
(I just love it when kids have a huge growth spurt - makes for fun times!!!)
Lus x