Saturday, 1 March 2008

Almost 18 months between posts

Hi All Not that anyone really reads this. Wow! It has been almost 18 months between posts. Now I have got to be the slackest blogger in the world. My mum & dad and aunt & uncle are away skiing in Canada & USA at the moment and my Uncle Bob is blogging every day... without fail. My friend Rachael has also been blogging and even Nicole, one of my co-teachers from Scrapbook Dreams, has started a blog. Can you tell I'm feeling the pressure to start my blog up again? Well, guess what? I give in. Guilt has over run me. I will blog again. Although I doubt if it will be daily, as my life is still as hectic as it was 18 months ago, except now I only have two jobs instead of three. Anyway, I am working on some beautiful stuff at the moment and will post some images over the weekend... I promise. Hey, a big shout out to Rachael... CONGRATULATIONS on entering your first challenge. I still haven't done it yet. I suppose I'm too scared of rejection. Much kudos to you girly!!!! While Bob & Didi are away, Casey (my step-cousin) is living with me. She had her swimming carnival on Thursday. She is Sports House captain for Fraser (named after Dawn Fraser) so we dressed he up appropriately for the event. Enjoy the pictures.