Saturday, 8 January 2011

28 days till take off

So with 28 days until Mum & Dad, Karmen, Tayla & Jack and Darren, Riley, Kody and myslef take off on our big adventure, I thought I'd give you a little more info about our trip.

We leave Sydney on Feb 5 at 3:10pm supposedly on a Qantas A-380, but if they are not operational it will just be a 747. The kids have never ever been on a plane and the longest flight Darren has ever done was to New Zealand for our honeymoon (Reminder for Darren: 15 years on March 16th), so 17 hours on a plane to Los Angeles will certainly be an eye-opener for them.

With the time changes we are actually flying backwards in time and arrive in LA at 9:45am on Feb 5.... nearly six hours earlier than when we left Sydney. Then it is a short three hour layover in LAX before we board our Westjet flight to Calagary (in Canada). Where we have a one hour layover. Not really much time to do anything else than to get our butts from the international terminal to the domestic terminal and jump on our final flight of the day at 7:45pm from Calgary to Kelowna International Airport, BC. Where once again, thru the magic of time travel with will land at 7:45pm. Yes, that's right... the same time we take off in Calagary.

Now for those who I haven't already bored to death with the details of our trip, Kelowna is the sub-alpine town (like Jindabyne & Cooma here in Australia) for Big White, but it is the size of Parramatta. Upon landing we will shuttle bus it to The Sandman Hotel for some much needed sleep.

Our Big White accommodation is in a self-contained penthouse apartment, so the plan of attack is for the girls (Mum, Diane, Karmen, Casey & me) to do 10 days worth of grocery shopping when we finally wake up on the Sunday (Feb 6) at the Save-On Foods in Kelowna, just across the road from the Orchard Park Shopping Centre, which is just across the road from The Sandman Hotel.

The boys (Dad, Bob and Darren) and the kids (Tayla, Riley, Jack & Kody) will probably browse the shops at Orchard Park. The the shuttle bus will pick them up from the hotel with all the bags, then come get us from the supermarket with all the groceries (boxed) and drive us up the mountain to Big White Ski Resort.

In my next post, I will share some information about the penthouse apartment we will be living in at Big White.

Till then...

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